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Are You Dying During Workouts?

If you are struggling during your workouts here are three things to help!

1) Stop Eating Crap

- Pretty easy enough, right? If you are eating a bunch of crap at night and trying to workout in the morning and dying its a direct result. If you are trying to workout in the evening after eating crap for lunch no wonder it sucks. When you eat a bunch of sugary food it throws your blood sugar way out of whack and leaves you with no sustainable energy to get through a workout. You may start out strong but half way through find yourself dying. Search out good carbs like sweet potatoes and good protein like lean ground turkey to help regulate blood sugar and give you the boost you need to finish strong.

2) Start Eating More

- Often times people are trying to lose weight and limit their calorie intake at all cost by eating salads and cutting carbs. This is a big no-no as carbs are the main energy source for high intensity exercise like lifting weights and running hard intervals. Increase your calorie intake before you workout and later in the evening and you should notice a great increase in energy come the final minutes of a hard workout. Eating more of the good carbs like oatmeal and quinoa with a good protein can help give you tons of energy throughout the day as well as during your workouts.

3) Eat After Every Workout

- If you are trying to limit calories and skipping a post workout meal you are actually shooting yourself in the foot. If you burn calories during a workout and do not replace them with carbs and protein within half an hour you can notice a dragging effect for up to two weeks during every workout. Also if you are not eating enough after each workout you can notice a huge drop in energy come time to exercise. Typically a good amount for females post workout would be 20-30 grams of a higher glycemic carbohydrate like fruit coupled with around 20 grams of whey protein. This will allow your body to build muscle and burn ton of fat post workout. It will also help keep your carb stores higher and keep you moving during those last few sets of burpees.

Hope this helps. :)