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Change the Light Bulb Don't Sell Your House!

Eating healthier is a great goal but often you tackle it wrong and give up too easy. One tiny bump in the road and all hell breaks loose and you give up. One rough day at work and you go home and eat pizza and tell yourself its all over from there and you will try again on Monday, or next month or even next year. Slip ups are going to happen. You will NEVER eat healthy 100% of the time and that is perfectly fine. The big picture is that one bad meal doesn't create an unhealthy person just as one healthy meal doesn't create health. Giving up so easily would be the equivalent of having a light bulb burn out in your house so you decide to sell it and move. In all reality all you have to do is make one tiny fix and things will be much better.

Take a look at your plan of action. Did you say 'I am going to eat healthier.' Or did you focus on one specific area of nutrition. 'I am going to not eat out for lunch the entire month of January.' If you set the first goal you will more than likely stumble as it is very vague and doesn't actually fix anything. You sold your house and moved after you ate not tiny thing that you didn't think was 'healthy.' The second plan of action is more relatable. It is fixing one tiny aspect of your nutritional intake that can have a profound impact on your life. If you're choosing to not eat out for lunch and bring good food to work that consists of good carbohydrates (don't limit carbs at any cost, keto is not that answer people) and good protein. The combination of both carbs and protein will give you tons of energy and allow your body to burn fat 24 hours a day just from eating better. This is huge for evening exercisers as the energy boost will allow you to workout more consistently and see even better results. Change the light bulb, don't sell your house.

Take a look at your light bulbs. Look at one small aspect of your diet that you can control. How is your breakfast? Do you eat a mid morning and mid afternoon snack? Do you eat out a few nights per week for dinner? Don't just say you're going to eat healthier. Pick one thing you can control and understand that it won't be perfect. Things get in the way. Don't make excuses but at least have a better plan of action and understand the big picture is always 'What have I done the vast majority of the time?'

Have you been selling your house and moving or have you been changing the light bulbs?

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