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Do You Struggle With Consistency?

The one thing I see most people struggle with is becoming and staying consistent over a given period of time. It is all fine and dandy when you are motivated but what about those days when you don't feel like it? Do you bail or do you dig in and find some deeper motivation? Here are three tips to help with consistency.

1) Why?

-This is a very popular one on the internet now. What is you why? Why do you want to get in better shape? If its a quick fix, superficial type of answer the chances are you are going to give up at the first set back or low motivation day. If you dig deep and think about WHY you really want to be in better shape you will stick with it much longer. If you can detail out exactly why you workout. Maybe its just simply to feel better and have more energy. Then on the days when you feel like complete crap and have no energy you can remind yourself why you NEED to stick with it.

2) Results?

-We all need some type of feedback. Good or bad you need to give yourself some type of standard to check on from time to time. I personally like body fat or total pounds of fat as a great measure to make sure you are keeping on track. I tell people all the time that good or bad you need to get and stay measured. It will be a motivator if you see some positive change and it will be a little kick in the ass if your measurements are not what you expected. If you don't care about those types of numbers some physical gauge is great. I suggest something like running one mile as fast as you can or doing a max push up or pull up test.

3) Friends?

-Here at Fit Studios we workout in small groups for one single reason, to help you GET AND STAY CONSISTENT. If you workout with a friend you WILL stick with a program longer than you will on your own. You generally spend more time with your family or friends than with random people at a gym anyway so you might as well help motivate each other. On the days when you don't feel like it lets hope you picked a great friend who can help motivate you.

NO matter what just remember that if you stick with something it WILL get easier. Except burpees, those always suck.