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Fitness Rules to Live By in 2019

Here is a simple list of rules to live by that will help keep you moving and get you the results you truly deserve.

-Never skip three days in a row

-Always eat before and after your workouts

-Good carbs are your friend, start your day with oatmeal and some protein for long lasting energy

-Cheat meals happen, its okay

-Eat every 3 hours regardless of the time of day

-Doing more abs won't get you a six pack, heavier weights will.

-Caffeine is okay, what we put in with our caffeine usually isn't. Stick to almond milk

-Crash diets are never a long term fix. Learning about nutrition will help you forever.

-If you overeat one day do not starve yourself the next.

-Grab a friend. You will stick with it longer than ever before.

-Ask for help. Trainers like us went to school to help, use it!

-Supplements do not replace meals

-HIIT is the ticket to better cardio in a shorter time frame. Stop running 5 miles to get in better shape

-Losing body fat is a slow process, patience is key

-Be realistic. If you have never worked out 6 days per week don't expect to start there.

-It will be hard, its okay it will make you stronger.

-Do not rely on willpower alone. Set yourself up for success by planning ahead for success

-Meal prep is key to eating every three hours

-Rest days are necessary that is how we get stronger

-Lazy days are not. You won't want to workout every day but hit the majority of the days per week

-Fat loss dinners should be lean and green. Lean protein like chicken, fish, eggs, lean beef and green veggies.

-Resistance train 5-6 days per week

-HIIT - 3-4 days per week 10-20 minutes

-HIIT is to be done POST workout. This prevents injury and promotes recovery from strength training

These are a few of the things I see most people struggle with. Hopefully this puts them all in one simple place for you and hopefully a few of them helped you out.