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Do You Really Want to Eat Better? Read This!

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

I know you have tried to eat better. I also know that you have more than likely threw in the towel and bailed on those plans from time to time and started over time and time again. I don't want to be Debbie Downer over here but the reason you have given up time and time again is because you are doing it all wrong. The best news is that I am here to fix that and help you stick with your plans of eating healthier for longer periods of time. So here goes nothing.

Why you Fail

- More than likely you have attempted to change your diet to lose weight or in some way look better. The single most attempted way to lose weight is to restrict calories but I am here to tell you that is the LAST thing you want to do. If you have gone about eating better to lose weight you probably eat salads and chicken for a few days and then get so hungry you want to scream and go off the deep end and eat everything in sight and swear you will start again on Monday. Follow along and I will detail a plan of exactly what to do to prevent this from happening time and time again.

Step 1 - Change When You Eat

-One of the most important aspects that is over looked a lot in nutrition is eating frequently. You have probably heard that fit people eat a lot during the day, well its true. You should be eating every 2-4 hours. I tell all of my clients to eat every 3 hours. This fuels up your metabolism and keeps your body burning fuel all day long. Skipping breakfast and lunch and eating a huge dinner is a sure fire way to slow the metabolic rate down to a crawl and ensure you stay far away from your goal of becoming more fit and losing some weight. So, repeat after me - I WILL CHANGE WHEN I EAT FIRST. Don't worry about what you are eating for the first week. Seriously, I do not care what you eat the first week as long as you are stuffing something in your face frequently. After a few days you should be getting hungry about every 3 hours. When this happens then and ONLY THEN is it time to move on to STEP 2!

Step 2 - Change What You Eat

- Every diet out there, and especially the garbage ones require you to change WHAT you eat first and never talk about STEP 1. They tell you to put a whole damn stick of butter in your coffee or only eat one cucumber at exactly 3:18pm (I just made that up but it sounds like some stupid diet everyone is about to jump on. On a side/side note don't do Keto, its ridiculously bad for you and will make your breath stink, look that up if you don't believe me). Back to my point. After and only AFTER you begin to eat frequently should you start to change what you eat. This goes back to my preaching of one good carb and one good protein. Think sweet potatoes (good carb) and ground turkey

(lean protein). It will become much, much, much, much easier to change WHAT you eat after you change WHEN you eat. DO NOT attempt to do both of these at ONCE. It will lead to failure and burn out quickly. Don't try and change everything all at once. It will not work. You will be much more successful if you follow this specific order of operations. After another week of focusing on WHAT you are eating then and ONLY then should you move on to the FINAL STEP!

Step 3 - Change HOW MUCH YOU EAT

- I can hear your head exploding now. "Only on the beginning of week three am I supposed to change how much I eat? Dr. Phil said all I have to do is take this magic pill of crap and lose 56 pounds by now." Yeah. Week 3 is time to change how much you eat. If you have already taken care of eating frequently and then taken care of what you are eating it will be extremely easy to measure out how much you consume and monitor caloric intake. Females who want to lose weight should be looking about 20 grams of good carbs and 20 grams of good, lean protein every 3 hours to facilitate FAT loss. Throw in as many veggies as you choose on top of the good carbs, eat before and after each workout and watch your body composition change over time. You will enjoy the ride, trust me! No more frustrating yo-yo programs.

There you have it. All the tools necessary to be successful forever. Well except the inevitable desire to have a cheat meal because we all enjoy sugar, fat and alcohol from time to time. Enjoy these in moderation with a connection to your goals and you should find yourself sticking with your plans much longer than you ever have. It will take 3-4 weeks but you will see better results with a healthier plan and be happier along the way because you are actually changing not just temporarily flirting with a healthy diet.

If you disagree with me you can email me but I probably won't respond because I am right. Hahaha. I just put that in there to see if you finished the entire article. I love your face.