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Your Foundation for Success

This is a sad truth to admit but I have watched thousands more people fail than succeed. My goal here is to give you a simple foundation to follow for those days when things get tough and you don't want to put forth the energy necessary to get you where you want to be.

- Pick Up Something Heavy

- Strength training should be the absolute base of your program. Resistance or strength training should always be #1 on your list no matter your physical goals. I don't care if you are a marathon runner or someone who wants to lose 100 pounds. You NEED to set resistance training as your absolute must do. Strength training builds muscle. Muscle burns fat as a fuel 24 hours a day. You wonder why fit people stay fit? Because they have muscle and that muscle doesn't just disappear overnight. It burns fat every hour of every day. The more muscle you have the more fat you burn. Think about all those extra calories you consume on the weekends. Someone with more muscle is going to be burning calories whether or not they are working out. So strength training must the numero uno on your activity sheet every single week. Pick up some weights for the major muscle groups the majority of the days per week. This is why Fit Studios Bootcamp is a strength training facility. We focus on building muscle to burn fat every minute. We focus on squats, presses, pulls, hinges. Big muscles burn lots of calories so skip the tricep extensions and get the squats and deadlifts instead.

- Be Flexible

- Some days will be better than others. Your energy will come and go. If you only workout when you feel like it you more than likely will be stuck in the rut you are FOREVER. Workout some mornings or some evenings depending on your schedule. The people who are successful fit it into their day no matter what. They don't have one time to workout and if they miss it they bail on their plans for the day. They make sure they look ahead and squeeze it in. Somedays it might not happen but the majority of the days you should be breaking a sweat and moving those muscles.

- Run Baby Run

- Running fast for a short period of time then taking a small break and repeating is called HIIT. This will also help burn fat 12-24 hours post workout. Stick these types of cardio sessions into you weekly routine 2-4 days and you will see your cardio output increase without having to waste hours on a treadmill or outside in crappy weather. Running fast and taking a break will only take 10-15 minutes a few days per week and get you in better shape than running 5 miles ever will. If you ask me getting in better condition, looking better, feeling better and saving gobs of time is a recipe for long term success to me.

- Kill it When You Can

- You won't be able to KILL it every workout. The fitness industry is flooded with idiots doing the most intense exercise everyday. I call these the Over the Toppers. Over the Toppers focus on doing the most extreme crap on a daily basis to prove they are better than you and convincing you that if you are not doing the same then you suck. Well its not like that in the real world. Over the Toppers are missing the boat on a lot of simple rules. Consistency + Intensity = Results. Too intense of workouts on a daily basis will lead to overtraining and injury every single time. So some days take it light and easy. Not every day has to be hard core. Body weight exercises are a great way to tone down the intensity but still move your muscles and get a metabolic boost.

There you go. Show up, have fun, kill it when you can and overall just stay consistent and you will get there.